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, Education Consultant.

The Association is proud to be celebrating a 100 years of supporting its members working with schools, families and children in promoting school attendance and positive outcomes for children.

We hosted a two day conference in May where we celebrated the Centenary with a Conference Dinner and we listened to our after dinner speaker Dr Gervase Phinn who was brilliant. We had displays of archive material on display for members to peruse.

As part of our Centenary we are planning a training day on 18th October 2017 at the Arden Hotel, Bickenhill, Solihull. Presenters include the DFE, A children's Commissioner, CME, Director of Childrens Services 

Centenary Conference press release

Association for Education Welfare Management (AEWM) Celebrate Centenary 
Safeguarding & Supporting Children's Attendance at School
Centenary Conference in Birmingham 23rd & 24th May 2017

The Association is proud to be celebrating 100 years of supporting its members working with schools, families and children in promoting school attendance, safeguarding and promoting positive outcomes for children.

We will be hosting a two day conference on 23rd and 24th May where we will celebrate the Centenary with a look back on the history of the Association over the last 100 years followed by a Conference Dinner and we look forward to listening to our after dinner speaker Dr Gervase Phinn (Writer and Education Inspector). The conference will be opened by Mark Rogers (former Chief Executive of both Solihull MBC & Birmingham City Council). We also look forward to a performance by the Birmingham City Council Choir.

We will have on display some archive material and a member has written a booklet looking at the detailed history of the Association which is being launched at the conference.

The second day of the conference will focus on current agenda items relating to managing attendance and Education Welfare Services in a rapidly changing world: good practice in raising attendance, penalty notices for holidays in term time, use of data and the role of the Magistrate. 

Centenary Conference which is open to members only commences at 2pm on Tuesday 23rd May at Arden Hotel (near Birmingham International Station). Ends Wednesday 24th May at 4pm.

Past members of the Association are encouraged to get in touch with us passing on their memories and best wishes by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AEWM Training Day

The AEWM held its annual training day on the 12th October 2016 at the Arden Hotel consisting of the following speakers:

  • Mike Neumann Managing Director ITS Training Limited & AEWM- Prosecuting Attendance in Challenging Times
  • Stefano Pozzi DfE Inspection and Accountability Unit and Yvonne Slaven Team Leader Behaviour in Schools, CME, School day and School Year, Attendance and Behaviour Unit, Disadvantage Division - Attendance, CME and Child Mental Health
  • Charlotte Levene Young Minds a leading UK charity committed to improving the emotional well being and mental health of children and young people
  • Grace Barratt The Self Esteem Team - Body Image, Schools and Mental Health Workshop
  • Sue Harrison AEWM & The Samaritans - Supporting Schools after Suicide
  • Anita Patel-Lingham, Assistant Manager, Missing Education and Child Employment Service Essex County Council - Supporting Schools to effectively challenge and reduce parental condoned absence and illness.

If you are not a member you are missing out on training and conferences provided through the AEWM, why not view the JOIN tab at the top of the page.

Members can access the presentations which will be posted in the member forum.

Supreme Court Judgement


The Association for Education Welfare Management (AEWM) and its membership has worked for 100 years to protect children’s education by seeking to improve pupil attendance at school, using both statutory action and support to parents, children and schools.


The AEWM believe that every day at school counts to ensure that children maximise their life chances. The AEWM therefore welcomes today's Supreme Court judgment of the allowing the appeal from the Isle of Wight against Mr Platt. The court was clearly of the view that children have to attend school every day and there are consequences when parents do not ensure the attendance of their children.


This case has raised many issues relating to fairness and reasonableness and therefore we are urging the DfE to review current guidance on the issuing of penalty notices in relation to non attendance that ensures consistency of approach across the country. The AEWM will continue to offer support to the DfE in the development of policy and procedures that will improve children's attendance at school.


Statement from the National Executive - Penalty Notices

Penalty Notices and Every Day at School Counts: a statement from the Association for Education Welfare Management (AEWM)

The AEWM represents individuals who are working in positions of responsibility to improve pupil attendance in schools, services and local authorities throughout England. Those members have been facing huge operational difficulties since recent judgments involving 'the Isle of Wight' case.

The most important view of the AEWM is that every day's attendance at school is important to a child's well being. There is clear evidence that absence from school is linked to lower levels of attainment at school. Children are required to attend school on 190 days in a year of 365 days (Maintained schools are open 190 days in a year of 365 days and children are expected to attend each day unless there is a reason not to authorised by the school – Academies & independent schools can set their own school year) .

It is clear that the remaining days allow plenty of time for quality family based activities and holidays. Whilst it is true that there are real cost issues relating to holidays this should never be a consideration that allows a child to miss school. The AEWM welcomes the recent correspondence from Nick Gibb, Minister of State for Schools regarding the current position. We support the emphasis on every days attendance counting and the taking of additional steps necessary to secure children's attendance at school.

The AEWM, whilst respecting the judgment of the High Court, believes the thinking of the court is flawed and welcomes further appeal and / or change of policy and legislation that removes the current doubt and mixed messages following the judgment. We would suggest regular attendance at school is each and every day it is open for education.

The suggestion that 90% is acceptable may lead some young people not to aspire to 100%. Currently local authority officers have to take into account a range of factors including the particular circumstances of the case, a range of case law and now the Isle of Wight judgment in the consideration of taking legal action. We would encourage both schools and those engaged in improving and ensuring attendance to continue to take a tough stance on absence for holidays in term time and continue not to authorise the absence unless there are exceptional reasons.

We support the DfE advice not to repay paid penalty notices and we further welcome robust local authority actions to defend any appeals against Magistrates Court decisions. For the future, we are recommending a single national code of conduct on the issuing of penalty notices for absence from school. We believe that penalty notices could be a civil matter, not pursued in the criminal courts, allowing for the criminal court action route to be for more serious or repeat offenders.

The national code of conduct should be clear on definitions of absence and periods of absence that need to be considered. We also support the maintenance of flexibility for schools and local authorities to decide on the issuing of penalty notices that ensures that where absence is essential that can be authorised. In the meantime, we will continue to support, advise and share good practice amongst members of the AEWM in these difficult times. Our support to colleagues is based on our passionate belief in ensuring that children have full access to every day at school.

National Executive Committee AEWM

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