• Do you work in an attendance service such as education welfare or education social work service, or an attendance enforcement service or do you work in a service that links to, or complements one?
  • Do your duties include work of a managerial, supervisory or specialist nature?
  • Could you use some professional support?
  • Would you like to be kept up-todate with current thinking and events etc?
  • Would you find it helpful to meet with colleagues who are in a similar position to yourself?
  • Is the pressure of trying to keep all the balls in the air becoming too much to manage by yourself?

If you have answered YES to these questions, then you clearly need to join the Association for Education Welfare Management.

The AEWM is the only organisation that sets out, specifically to support professionals like you!

The AEWM recognises that managers within education welfare, or similar services, will require professional support that is tailored to their needs. This may be quite different to the type of support that is seen as appropriate for other staff within the service.

It follows therefore, that any such support should be able to take account of the complex issues and demands that are viewed as commonplace within education welfare management.

The AEWM is able to offer its members access to:

  • A regular forum for meeting, and sharing experiences with, colleagues from other authorities.
  • A helpful, up-to-date website with password protected pages.
  • An annual training conference.
  • Opportunities for sharing good practice with colleagues, both locally and countrywide.
  • A variety of training events.
  • A pool of expertise and experience in education welfare that is without equal.
  • A means of keeping up-to-date with, and making sense of, the neverending list of changes to guidance, procedures and legislation, together with the ever-increasing flood of new initiatives.
  • Opportunities to contribute to Government thinking on issues crucial to the profession.

Eligibility is at the discretion of the National Executive Committee.

An annual fee for full or part year (currently £35) is payable. All memberships are renewable each April.


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