AEWM supporting its members in response to COVID 19

Our aims are always to support our members in promoting school attendance and safeguarding children.

We usually hold an annual AGM / training Conference in May and an open conference in October. 

During these particularly difficult and challenging times we are running extra ‘Zoom’ conferences to help support our members. We are delighted that DFE colleagues  have  supported us in these ventures and have ‘presented’ during these sessions. For example in December we will be joined by at least four DFE colleagues and one from OFSTED.

These Conferences are to support our members who are working tirelessly supporting schools and children. The Conferences are for members only.


9th September 2020      

Back to Compulsory School Attendance

Members only – Notes of the session

100 delegates attended


13th October 2020        

You’ve been missed Anxiety & School Attendance

Members only – Notes of the session

Over 100 delegates atended


1st December 2020        

Elective Home Education and School Attendance.

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23rd March 2021            

Theme to be decided

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