The Association values the diversity, experience and expertise of its membership, and actively seeks to promote equality. We want our Association and all its functions to be accessible and of value to all members regardless of gender, ethnic origin, religious belief, marital status, sexual orientation or any other characteristic which may unfairly affect a person's life opportunities.


The Association will:

  • Accept that everyone has a right to their distinctive and unique identities
  • Have elected officers reflecting the membership it serves
  • Understand how valuing the unique characteristics and experiences of individual members can enhance our ability to provide an effective, relevant and valued service to our members
  • Assist in the provision of training, development and the information required to enable members to provide a quality service
  • Provide an open environment, offering a network of positive support, advice and encouragement to all colleagues
  • Challenge any practices and attitudes which mitigate against the principles outlined in this policy

This Association is committed to promoting equality in all of its functions and practices, and this policy ensures the highest possible standards and practices are maintained on behalf of our members.



As approved at 2019 AGM