A meeting of elected representatives of AEWM and NASWE, held in Birmingham on 29th June 2012, agreed to establish the “Federation of Education Welfare Professionals”, to enable the two associations to collaborate together in order to advance the interests of education welfare and allied professionals through joint activity over the coming period, in the spirit of the successful joint conference already held on 27th April.The Federation will seek to ensure that the unified voice of EWS is clearly heard at meetings with the DfE and other National Bodies, and by managers and practitioners in local services across the country, through appropriate joint delegations and events. To achieve this, the executive committees of the associations will now co-ordinate their schedules to secure co-located meetings and related joint planning discussions and initiatives.  This will reflect the separate and equal status of the two associations at this stage, identifying detailed activities through joint agreement but also facilitate further dialogue with the open objective of achieving a single, unified association representing EWS managers and practitioners as soon as practicable.AEWM and NASWE represent well established and significant professional traditions and the Federation of Education Welfare Professionals will establish a yet stronger national voice and influence to meet the challenge of their area of change. 

29th June 2012.