The Trojan horse investigation into an alleged plot to infiltrate Birmingham shools by Islamic hardliners has been released.

Peter Clarke commissioned by the DfE found many of the central allegations were true. A Mr Alam was interviewed twice during the investigation and criticised in Clarke's report, which found him to be an influential figure at Park View and several other schools of concern.

Mr Alam has spent many years working in education in Birmingham, not only as a governor at six schools but also as a governor trainer on behalf of the council.  During the course of the enquiry some very disturbing evidence came to light which showed that within the staff of the Park View Educational Trust, of which Mr Alam was a director and chair of the board, there existed a deep strand of intolerance and attitudes that are totally inappropriate for those who aspire to educate young people.

On Tuesday, the new education secretary announced measures to protect state-funded schools from extreme religious influences.  She said there would be a new schools commissioner for Birmingham to oversee reforms to the way school governors were selected and operated, and to ensure that all children were properly prepared for life in the modern world.

A full copy of the report can be found on the DfE website.