The Association for Education Welfare Management (AEWM) and its membership has worked for 100 years to protect children’s education by seeking to improve pupil attendance at school, using both statutory action and support to parents, children and schools.


The AEWM believe that every day at school counts to ensure that children maximise their life chances. The AEWM therefore welcomes today's Supreme Court judgment of the allowing the appeal from the Isle of Wight against Mr Platt. The court was clearly of the view that children have to attend school every day and there are consequences when parents do not ensure the attendance of their children.


This case has raised many issues relating to fairness and reasonableness and therefore we are urging the DfE to review current guidance on the issuing of penalty notices in relation to non attendance that ensures consistency of approach across the country. The AEWM will continue to offer support to the DfE in the development of policy and procedures that will improve children's attendance at school.