May 29th 2018

Dear Mr Gallimore

Association for Education Welfare Management (AEWM)

Our association has been at the forefront of matters involving the management & use of statutory process to address school attendance, children missing education and safeguarding matters in education for over 100 years.

We meet regularly with the Department for Education, Ofsted & other associated education departments.

At our members conference on 23 May 2018 Lord Soley spoke on his private members bill hoping to change legislation around Elective Home Education as well as representatives from the DfE & Association for Elective Home Education Professionals (AEHEP). We know this matter is high on the ADCS agenda as we were asked for our opinion on your EHE survey last year; which we wholly welcomed. It was good to see 118 LAs respond. We are also aware from your inaugural speech on 19 April 2018 that children missing from mainstream education is also of concern to you.

We are asking that Directors of Children Services suggest to their Education Welfare Service, or whichever team takes responsibility for school attendance matters and safeguarding in education, consider joining us. We have members from over 60 LAs who manage such areas for their authority as well as many independent groups who support maintained schools, academies and independent schools. We would like to support more local authorities. Full details are on our web page .

We would be very happy to meet with you to discuss further.

Yours sincerely 

Tony Waller


Association for Education Welfare Management